Sky High

Canada #15 Grouse Mountain

Part Two

Who would have thought we could go even higher once we reached the summit of Grouse Mountain? Not us!

We rode the Peak Chairlift to the top of the mountain, gliding silently above the tree-covered slope for fourteen minutes.

At an altitude of 1,231 metres, the city of Vancouver lay spread out below us and the waters of Burrard Inlet sparkled in the afternoon sun.

We envied the paragliders their uninterrupted views as they soared over the forested mountain.

Then we spotted the Eye of the Wind!

The world’s only wind turbine with a viewing deck may be perched on top of the mountain, but its foundations are embedded 15 metres into the rocky surrounds. We were happy to ride up in the elevator as it rose 65 metres to the glass viewpod. The turbine is fully operational, but on this calm day the massive blades, just metres from the pod, were still.

With uninterrupted 360Β° views, we could see over the forest to the snow-capped Pacific Ranges and across the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver Island. Mt Baker, in Washington State, was clearly visible on the horizon.

We didn’t need to take to the air like those paragliders to see these unforgettable views – we just needed to go sky high!

43 thoughts on “Sky High

  1. WOW!! I’m a little bit onside with Denzil over this. The 14 minute ride would be a wonderful affair, but this may be a step too far – though I really would want to do it. The rotating blades would either be wonderful to experience or again another step too far……..

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  2. Thanks for sharing these great views. I for one would never see them (if I ever took a trip to Canada) as I wouldn’t like the height. I’m not good at chairlifts and things at all. You had a perfect clear day for your sight seeing on that day.

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    • I don’t mind heights as long as I know I am safe. We had a beautiful day. Lucky we didn’t book for the previous day, when it was overcast and rainy and the mountain was completely hidden in the clouds. That would have been disappointing.


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