Flying Over Canada

Canada #20 Vancouver to Toronto

After trekking across Canada on the Canadian Trail, we took to the skies in a virtual flight across the country at Flyover Canada.

Strapped into our seats in a darkened room, we soared above the land in an eight minute video journey from east to west through the four seasons. With snow-covered mountains and never-ending prairies, deep blue lakes and tumbling waterfalls, the scenery was spectacular and the special effects almost convinced us we’d flown cross country.

A few days later we did exactly that in the opposite direction, on a five hour flight from Vancouver to Toronto. From our window seat, our bird’s eye view of Canada rivalled that tourist rideย  in Canada Place.

We said goodbye to beautiful Vancouver with one last glimpse of the city, the water and those stunning coastal mountains beyond. We could see places we’d become familiar with – the white sails of Canada Place and the cleared green area at the top of Grouse Mountain.

We flew over more mountains, sometimes separated by shimmering blue lakes or narrow winding roads.

Later the mountains became more rugged and wild – could these be the famous Rockies we’d read so much about?

Soon the mountains were gone, replaced by broad flat farmland stretching to the horizon. From above the fields looked like giant geometrical puzzles, with different shapes neatly fitted together. We were intrigued by the circles and, although we asked later, no one could explain their purpose.

At one stage, we flew again over water and decided it must be one of the great lakes. The deep blue, dotted with tiny islands, contrasted with the green of the land, densely forested and jagged along the water’s edge.

Then came more farmland, this time worked in neat grid patterns edged with dark green stands of trees. The fields were split by long straight roads; we could even see cars heading in both directions.

Eventually Toronto came into view. It seemed to go forever; a vast sprawl of homes, shopping centres and rows of high rise towers with wide green spaces in between.

The city centre, defined by a long strip of skyscrapers, was dominated by CN Tower, a building we would come to know well. Beyond the cluster of towers we could see more blue – Lake Ontario, so large it merged with the blue sky on the horizon.

The next part of our Canadian adventure was about to begin.

45 thoughts on “Flying Over Canada

  1. Great photos yet again Carol! Those circles are intriguing – the whole area makes for a really striking geometrical pattern. I wondered if it was due to the topography – but then thought it would be an incredibly regulated topography to produce such results! I do love a mystery! Canada is very beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing your photos of Toronto.

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  2. Great photos from a classic flight. Canadian scenery is fantastic isn’t it, so dramatic and so changeable as you travel further east. I think the circles in the fields are created by the irrigation systems that pivot from the centre.

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  3. Just watched a programme about Arabia where they showed similar round fields – all due to the irrigation system used – The circles are crops irrigated with a self-propelled sprinkler irrigation system that rotates around a central point commonly called a โ€œcenter pivot systemโ€ or โ€œcenter pivot.โ€

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  4. I was going to suggest UFO landing sites. More fertile than the surrounding field. No? OK, then irrigation. Great photos. I have been to Canada, but never flown across it. I’ll put it on my bucket list. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I’m always surprised when photos through plane windows come out OK as the windows are double-paned and the outer pane is often quite murky. I just hope for the best! Do you have a particular trick? (or is that giving away too many secrets!!)

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