Batter Up!

Canada #26 Rogers Centre, Toronto

The Rogers Centre, in Toronto’s CBD, is a huge multi-purpose stadium in downtown Toronto. It was the first of its kind to have a fully retractable roof and has a hotel with 70 rooms overlooking the field. The stadium hosts both football and baseball games and is home to the Toronto Blue Jays.

How do you know when it’s game day at the Rogers Centre? Look for the sea of blue!

Blue banners featuring Blue Jays players flap in the breeze right around the outside of the stadium.

Fans in team shirts enjoy the pre-game entertainment inside.

Massive screens project Blue Jays logos, encouraging fans and team alike.

Even the seats in the stands are blue.

Team mascot Ace struts around the stadium before the game, adding to the excitement and anticipation.

Once the game starts things get serious: Toronto Blue Jays vs Baltimore Orioles

Batter up!

And the final result: Blue Jays 8 Orioles 7!

41 thoughts on “Batter Up!

  1. The Rogers Stadium is immense. We tried to get tickets when we were living there but everything was sold out, such a shame. Listened to the crowd from the brewery bar across the road though. Brilliant memories.

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  2. Seeing the game at the stadium is always fun. Love the excitement in the air. The crowd. The noise. And, of course, the hot dogs. Loved the games since I was a kid near Chicago. Fortunately Denver has major teams also. Great post, again. 🌭⚾️

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  3. My memories of baseball are far more modest, being set in a small town in Saskatchewan. My cousin was the pitcher for the home team , he was handsome, and much admired! I still remember the sound of the bat hitting that baseball, and hoping for a home run for the home team.

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