Behind the Walls

Canada #38 Montréal

What was behind those high white walls on Rue Saint-Catherine? With no signs to indicate what was inside and more people entering than leaving, we were curious to find out what the walls were hiding.

A few steps inside revealed a diverse display of art works in a unique minimalist setting. Galerie Blanc is an outdoor exhibition space, free and accessible all year round and open both day and night. The exhibition we saw included traditional paintings and sculpture, pop art and intriguing digital designs.

By day, the collection was wonderful. When we returned after dark the illuminated artwork glowed with an added vibrancy.

The characters in the old masters looked ready to walk out of their settings and the modern geometric patterns had an almost kaleidoscopic feel.

The detail in some works demanded close attention while others were better viewed from a distance.

On a warm summer evening and with the gallery open to the night sky we lingered inside the walls. Like the other visitors, we wanted to take our time at this wonderful exhibition.

37 thoughts on “Behind the Walls

  1. Aren’t the Canadians amazing Carol! We couldn’t have anything like that here, the taggers would be out with their spray cans in no time….. There is so much to be said for making art freely accessible and displaying it so beautifully. Once again your photographs are a delight.

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  3. Love this open-air art exhibition and thanks for sharing this cool event.

    Here in Cosenza, we have a long pedestrianised area that includes an open-air museum with many sculptures (not paintings), which gets added on to every so often. It’s excellent and teaches children about art also. The Old Town here also has a historic walk with massive paintings depicting historic scenes in its open-air museum.

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  4. Looks wonderful. Things always take on a different perspective after dark too, doesn’t it? Some of this artwork looks extraordinary and that it was free and accessible day or night makes it pretty special.

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