Canada’s Best

Canada #45

“What was the best thing about your trip?”

We’re often asked this question when we return from a holiday and it’s always difficult to give just one answer. After five weeks in Canada, here are the things we loved best.

The Best Party 

The Best Airbnb View

Vancouver, from our 21st floor apartment – by day,

at night,

and early in the morning as the cruise ships arrived at Canada Place.

The Best Water View

Pitt River

The Best Mountain Views

Sky Pilot and Co-Pilot, Coast Ranges, Squamish BC

Fitzsimmons Range, Whistler BC

The Best Wildlife Encounters

chipmunk, Whistler BC

raccoon family, Mount Royal, Montréal QC

and the squirrels, who were everywhere!

The Best Food

20 flavours of hot chocolate, enormous ice cream sundaes, chocolate pizza! Even the ceiling was all about chocolate at Chocolato, Montréal QC

The Best Garden

Jardins Gamelin, Place Émilie-Gamelin, Montréal QC

a free community garden with a cafe, space for games, music and family activities

and several themed gardens, educational for both adults and children

The Best Adventures

For me, a birthday trip to Niagara Falls

For Glen, EdgeWalk – 356 metres above the ground at CN Tower, Toronto ON

So many wonderful experiences in a truly amazing country. Canada, we’ll be back!

51 thoughts on “Canada’s Best

  1. It all looks spectacular, that’s always a hard question when someone asks what was the best bit? We’ve had that question even after covering half the country. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I do the same as you and break it up into categories. Those sundaes though we pretty fantastic.

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  2. Wow, so many awesome pictures and such wonderful memories. How can you possibly name just one. So much to love in such a beautiful country. That chocolate made me drool and as for that rainbow over Niagara Falls, wow, what a birthday present!

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  3. So basically Canada was great all round. We couldn’t agree more as we absolutely loved the whole country. Great photos of a wonderful place, brought back so many brilliant memories.

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  4. Glad to hear you will return. I have learned a lot about my own country following along with you. I’ll be in the watch for your ‘bests’. By the way I hope that grizzly bear wasn’t as close to you as it looks. Wow!

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