Outback Roads

Western Queensland Road Trip #8

Covering vast distances, Australian country roads are wide, flat and often without a bend in sight.

The journey east starts here on the Warrego Highway, connecting Charleville to Brisbane 721 km away.

Once off the main roads, bitumen is replaced by dirt and the windows stay closed to keep the red bulldust out.

In tiny outback towns like Wyandra, the roads are wider than the house blocks.

Outback roads – often unnamed, not on any maps and going nowhere in particular.


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42 thoughts on “Outback Roads

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  2. Nice pics and interesting information. The length of Finnish national road is 1235km / 805mi long. It passes thru many towns from which I have made posts.

    In our television I have seen how long distances are in Australia. Few years ago, there was presented also long train trip. Thank you for this post.

    Have a wonderful day!

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    • I didn’t know that. Winter would be good to visit, warm days but very cold nights. You should consider driving – you’ve driven across Canada and the US. You would enjoy the drive, there’s so much to see and the scenery is quite different.


  4. So many unpaved roads. I was going to say when I first read this that the long straight and flat roads reminded me of roads in the Dakotas, where I was in September. But most of them are paved, except roads leading to individual farms. Some of these roads are very wide indeed!

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