Follow The Locals

Western Queensland Road Trip #15

We always figure if the locals are eating in a restaurant the food must be good but in the outback this theory doesn’t always apply.

Charleville’s most popular dining style is al fresco, next to the airport runway.

In Cunnamulla the school oval comes highly recommended. Dozens of galahs join the roos every evening.

Emus aren’t too fussy about the quality of their surroundings.

Honeyeaters have a favourite place where they like to hang out.

white plumed honeyeater

Some locals like to dine with a partner,



whistling ducks

while others aren’t keen on sharing, especially when they’re on the lookout for a tasty treat.


Australian Darter

They don’t need to be told twice to eat their greens,

Mallee ringneck parrot

especially if the restaurant is right on the water.

domesticated geese

Some are in too much of a hurry to say where they’re going. Maybe they don’t want to be on the menu!

green ground beetle


50 thoughts on “Follow The Locals

    • More like millions at this stage, no way of knowing exactly. It’s been such a distressing time for everyone. There have been lives lost and more than a thousand homes, millions of hectares of precious bushland gone. Many places we’ve been to have been destroyed.


  1. Those photos are brilliant, such wonderful colours. The kangaroos in the first one look a little suspicious, as if they’ve been discovered doing something they shouldn’t.


  2. Beautiful selection of photographs. Love all the birds. Especially the corellas. We were dumbounded this week when we got an email from a Spanish ornithologist who was staying in our little nest in Sri Lanka, as part of a home exchange. We were in his vacation home in Northern Spain two years ago. Anyhow, he identified 49 types of birds, right on our little property. Excited to get his list, as we tried in vain to identify many of those beautiful birds which woke us each morning with their beautiful bird songs, but it was too difficult for us neophytes.


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