Top Stop

Western Queensland Road Trip Square Tops Challenge #6

The tiny outback town of Wyandra is conveniently located on the Mitchell Highway, halfway between Charleville and Cunnamulla.

With a population of just 116, you won’t find any fancy department stores or shopping centres in Wyandra. But you don’t need them when you can stop in at the quirky Post Office CafΓ© for refreshments.

Take your delicious hot coffee and some freshly baked scones topped with jam and cream outside to the garden and relax for a while before continuing your journey.

That’s what we did!

While our travels are on hold, I’m joining in every day with Becky’s April Square Tops Challenge over at The Life of B. The rules are simple: photos must be square and fit the theme word “top”.

32 thoughts on “Top Stop

  1. I notice that the plate was empty! No scones for us then! I love that your trips around Australia show us the real Australia as opposed to the metropolises that however lovely they are, could almost be anywhere in the world. But these places certainly could not.

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  3. These sorts of towns are full of quirks and characters. In my 20s, we did a heap of rock band touring and would end up in bars and roadhouses where there were only six houses. So many memories of life in Queensland.

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