A Loo With a View – The Western Queensland Edition

Western Queensland Road Trip #20

A road trip through the outback

is a marvellous affair.

You can drive for hours

and think the land is bare.

But if nature calls along the way

there’s no need for despair.

There are outback loos with outback views

and their own distinctive flair.


Often in the outback

it is very, very dry.

But some bush loos have water views.

You wouldn’t pass them by.

Warrego River at the Cunnamulla Weir

Moonie River, Nindigully


When Thomas Mitchell camped here in 1846

he had to bring his own facilities.

But now you’ll find this bathroom on the river bank –

it’s basic but it covers all your needs.

Maranoa River, Mitchell


When visiting a winery

a bathroom is essential.

And if it’s hidden in the garden

your visit’s confidential.

Riversands Winery, St George


But on a dusty bush track

where the toilet is a wreck,

privacy’s not guaranteed –

You may need to go low-tech!

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40 thoughts on “A Loo With a View – The Western Queensland Edition

  1. Those loos with beautiful views are enticing! I wonder do women shut the door for privacy or sit on the loo and contemplate the view while peeing? I’d love to admire the view, but would feel safer if I had someone standing guard 🙂

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  2. We always need a loo, but as one matures, it seems to be more important than ever. My husband played golf today. They opened the courses on Monday. The clubhouse and restaurant where the restrooms are is closed because of social distancing. I don’t know what the women did who play on the senior league, but I know the men went low tech.

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  3. Love your unhealthy and dubious obsession with toilets. Fabulous. And the poetry is great. As part of our Lockdown Challenges I have been reading a classic piece of poetry each day, perhaps this will do for my fifteenth piece? Brilliant.

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  4. This made me smile. Definitely some lovely views for nature’s call. When we rafted through the Grand Canyon, each night the crew would set up a little porta loo. Some of the most stunning views I’ve ever seen.

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