A Surprise Inside

Exploring Australia 

 The New England region of northern New South Wales is known for its brisk winters and, even though the sun is shining, we’re feeling the chill. A warming fire and a hot breakfast are our first priorities and at the Walcha Royal Cafe we find all that and more.

The original building on this site, the Royal Hotel, was constructed in 1889. When it burned down in 1938 another building, aptly named the New Royal Hotel, took its place. In 2006, with new owners and a new lease of life, the hotel became known as the Walcha Royal Cafe.

It may be cold out on the street, but inside a fire blazes in the wood-burning heater. The scent of freshly brewed coffee draws us in while an expansive choice of winter fare is enticing. But it isn’t the luxurious warmth of the fire or the tasty food that keeps us lingering after breakfast. 

The cafe particularly welcomes motorbike riders and is a well-known stop on journeys between the inland and the coast. Motorcycles are celebrated in every room, with memorabilia, old photographs and even a motorbike or two on display.

Quirky sculptures made from motorbike parts attract our attention. Some are whimsical creations

while others have a functional purpose.

With a warm welcome, delicious food and this wonderful collection the Walcha Royal Cafe has plenty to offer, whether you’re a dedicated motorbike enthusiast or a traveller just passing through.

34 thoughts on “A Surprise Inside

  1. He’d love it right now. He’s tired of COVID. All our restaurants have been reshut down by Governor’s orders. And the Ores. Keeps having rallies and the protesters keep protesting and people keep having holiday parties. Vince was the only one without a mask at the store, but there are lots of unmasked people at the rallies.


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