It’s a Sign

Australian Landscapes #36

Destination: Mudlo National Park, Queensland

If we’d looked more carefully at the sign, would we have walked up to Pearson Lookout? Of course, but we might have been better prepared for what lay ahead.

Our walk in Mudlo National Park began on the Scrubby Creek trail, which took us through open eucalypt forest. Vines and lianas climbed every tree trunk in search of sunlight. Although we crossed the creek several times our feet stayed dry; there’d been no water flowing for months.

We were alone on the track this day, but found evidence of others who’d been here before us.

It was late in the afternoon when we reached the track to Pearson Lookout, but the extra distance wasn’t great and the temptation of a lookout was hard to resist. Enthusiastically, we headed off without looking closely at the sign. One of those past visitors had left a vital clue, but we missed it.

Before long, the track changed. Rough stony steps went up

and up

and up.

Encouraged by a few brief glimpses of what was to come, we continued our ascent

until finally we reached the lookout.

The effort of our steep uphill walk was forgotten as beautiful views of the Lower Burnett Valley were revealed.

Then we had to go down again.

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37 thoughts on “It’s a Sign

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  2. Just barely got you in before I pressed Publish, Carol. As you will read it’s my last for a while. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’ve been following Kelly’s posts on the Mayan culture and I could see similarities with those steps. But narrower and steeper, of course. And always worth the view! Take care hon, and thanks.

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  3. I felt like I was on the walk with you, just not the huffing and puffing part – which would have been my contribution. The deep brown colors of fungus growing on the tree – I need a good word here besides awesome! I’m glad that you didn’t have any trouble with the steep incline.

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