A Passion for Waves

Kind Squares Photo Challenge #22 ~ Queensland: One of a Kind

Destination: Burleigh Heads

The Ocean View Circuit around Burleigh Headland ends at John Laws Park in the Gold Coast suburb of Burleigh Heads. Popular with both locals and visitors, the park is filled with 450 Norfolk Pines, some planted more than 80 years ago. They provide welcome shade for those who want to sit, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful outlook or watching surfers in the water below. 

Surfing has long been part of the beach culture at Burleigh Heads. The waters off the headland have attracted surfers for decades and the world’s first professional surfing competition, the Stubby Surf Classic, was held here in 1977. 

Even the picnic tables in the park celebrate Australia’s passion for surfing.

This month I’m joining in every day with Becky’s October Kind Square Photo Challenge over at The Life of B. The rules are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word “kind”. Look for #kindasquare

25 thoughts on “A Passion for Waves

  1. Wow, those are amazing picnic tables, much smarter than the ones usually seen in parks. What a lovely relaxing place to sit and watch the surfers. (I wouldn’t be getting in myself.)


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  3. Looks like a gorgeous spot. I can almost feel the warmth oozing through the computer screen. Interesting also that this was the birthplace of surfing competitions. Incorrectly I would have guessed they began in the US.


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  5. I love the picnic table. How long did you stay? This makes a delightful way to exhibit your travelogue one day at a time for the whole month. It’s a good way to use u all your vacation pictures.

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