I Spy

Exploring Queensland: Tamborine Mountain

With 210 types of trees, 75 species of vine and 26 different orchids growing in the rainforest, you could play I Spy all day at the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk.

A 300 metre steel bridge beginning at the Eco Gallery winds through the forest canopy; the tops of the tall piccabeen palms are almost within reach.

Staghorns and elkhorns competing for sunlight cling to the trunks of the tallest trees. King orchids also use the trees as hosts. They are the largest orchids in the forest with each long spike covered in masses of tiny flowers.

Dense vine thickets monopolise the understorey, creating a tangled mess of stems and a green overcoat onΒ  the trees above.

On the forest floor the buttress roots of giant strangler figs dwarf the small walking stick palms. With their host trees long ago rotted away, the figs are the strongest and tallest plants in the forest.

An abundance of tiny creatures live in and around Cedar Creek but they’re shy and not always easy to spot. Freshwater turtles, shrimps and eels hide under the rocks while water striders, water beetles and fishing spiders hunt their prey in the water.

It’s much easier to spot the forest animals on this beautiful hand carved bench.

The green hues of the forest are complemented by splashes of bright colour. Bottlebrush trees are loaded with crimson blossoms.

And if you’re lucky a pale yellow robin will join in your game of I Spy.

Joining Jo for Monday Walks

54 thoughts on “I Spy

  1. What a spectacular place, Carol, and you’ve written this so beautifully. Love the tangled stems and green overcoats. And isn’t that bench wonderfully tactile? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for the link! I’ve lost track but I think I’ll be posting on Monday.

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  3. From our white and chilly landscape I must say your photos seem especially full of vibrancy and oh so lush. Fascinating to see the plants using the trees as hosts. i especially liked the photos of looking down from the bridge. Great perspective.

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  4. Absolutely magnificent. I am wondering how high that walkway bridge is? It’s such a great idea for protecting the forest floor but also for putting humans at an unusually high place to observe all the beauty and probably see a lot more than just by walking on the ground. Wonderful photos of natures splendor.


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