Gazing Upwards

SquareUp Photo Challenge: Camping at Carnarvon Gorge, October 2020 #25

In the side-gorges leading off the main gorge, it’s tempting to spend all your time looking at what’s overhead.

Warrumbah Creek Gorge becomes so narrow you can touch both sides with outstretched arms. Rising vertically on either side of the track, the walls almost close in and, unless the sun is directly overhead, the passage is dim and cool.

The Amphitheatre is far more light-filled and spacious but the sandstone walls of the massive cavern rise just as steeply.

In Wards Canyon the track is protected by the overhanging rock,

while in Mickey Creek Gorge it winds around the moss-covered stone.

On the way to the Moss Garden giant tree ferns act like oversized umbrellas, providing welcome shade.

Just make sure you’ve stopped walking before you gaze upwards.

In January Iโ€™m joining in with Beckyโ€™s Square Photo Challenge over atย The Life of B. The rules are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word up. Look for #SquareUp

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