SquareUp Photo Challenge: Camping at Carnarvon Gorge, October 2020 #30

A Loo With a View ~ The Carnarvon Gorge Edition 

At Carnarvon Gorge the walking track

goes on and on and on.

Through the forest and over the creek,

it’s very, very long!

(10 kilometres one way 😬)

There’s a loo at the beginning

And a loo right at the end.

But in between there’s only one,

With steps you must ascend.

(designed to house the composting mechanism underneath but I like to think it also keeps animals out 🙄🤞)

If you visit Carnarvon Gorge

And spot this loo beside the track,

Don’t be like me and walk right past.

You might end up running back!

(based on a true story 😀 )

In January I’m joining in with Becky’s Square Photo Challenge over at The Life of B. The rules are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word up. Look for #SquareUp

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23 thoughts on “Upstairs

  1. Hmmm not sure about keeping creatures out, but I have noted how essential it is to use the one in the middle!

    Loving the paths, although the stony start looks a bit challenging, and is there a bus to bring you back after you have walked it one way?!!

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      • My argument is that IT had no view!!! LOL Thank goodness loos don’t come with windows out onto the view, though, even secluded ones like this one! I think if loos really had views – from the inside, that is, people would want to lounge around. and the lines would get horrendous. 🙂

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        • This loo definitely did have a view! Check out this post and you’ll see it. There were spectacular views of the gorge from anywhere we were, including the loo. lol!
          Don’t you remember the loo at Hoover Dam? It had fantastic views from inside.


          • That’s right, but not convenient as you would have in your home, thankfully. Otherwise my theory falls apart. Pardon my mistake about the shrouded loo’s view. I didn’t realize you could see the view from the loo. 🙂 I shouldn’t read and comment late at night like this. I don’t think my brain takes in the whole view!

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