An All Australian Line Up

SquareUp Photo Challenge: Camping at Carnarvon Gorge, October 2020 #31

With at least 210 different types of birds and 54 species of native mammals living within the national park, sightings of Australia’s unique animals at Carnarvon Gorge are guaranteed. We’ve seen some, like the eastern grey kangaroos, swamp wallabies, cockatoos and kookaburras many times before but seeing them again is always a joy.

eastern grey kangaroo

swamp wallaby

sulphur crested cockatoo


But sightings of echidnas and platypuses in the wild are rare and we’d only ever seen either once before outside of a zoo or wildlife park. Imagine our excitement when this echidna came strolling right by our camp sight. It was intent on searching for food and wasn’t at all bothered by our presence.


Several platypuses live in the section of Carnarvon Creek which flows through the Takarakka campground. A viewing platform set well back from the creek allows campers to watch from a distance as the platypuses emerge from their burrows at dawn and dusk. The fading light of early evening meant our photos didn’t turn out well, but the experience of watching these elusive little creatures in their native habitat was a highlight of our week at the gorge.


In January Iโ€™m joining in with Beckyโ€™s Square Photo Challenge over atย The Life of B. The rules are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word up. Look for #SquareUp

44 thoughts on “An All Australian Line Up

  1. So lucky to see a platypus…theyโ€™re quite elusive. There were some in the river on the boundary of our last place, but we rarely saw them, and then only a glimpse. An echidna wandered through our barbecue area once, stopped long enough to have its photo taken and then wandered off to who knows where. They are very cute, as you say.

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    • We were entranced by both, but particularly thrilled to see the platypus. You’re right though, if you’re not looking at exactly the right moment you miss them. The only other time we’ve seen one was at Eungulla National Park, west of Mackay. Unusual, because it was in the middle of the day and even more unusual because he was so active and just kept swimming around on the surface of the water for ages. We were so lucky.


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