1 Welcome to LA!

As part of Becky’s April Bright Square Photo Challenge over at The Life of B, I’ve opened the archives to January 2020 to share our 19 day trip to USA. Join me on a pictorial travelogue of the best and brightest of our pre-pandemic adventures in California and Nevada! The rules of the challenge are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word bright. Look for #brightsquare.

Our first view of the United States of America was from our airport hotel. A crisp winter sunset made a pretty pastel backdrop as the shining lights of LAX turned on.

This vista might not seem very exciting but, after a 14 hour flight and two hours in queues at customs, it was a very welcome sight.

23 thoughts on “1 Welcome to LA!

  1. I think entering the US at any airport is a nightmare. I also got stuck at LAX when leaving once and that was a nightmare too. But I am looking forward to your trip – a holiday in 2020 is practically unheard of!

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    • This trip was before we’d ever heard of covid 19. Lucky we didn’t have it planned for a couple of months later. After it took so long to get into the country we thought we’d better allow extra time when we were leaving, but it took 15 minutes from walking into the terminal to sitting down at our departure gate! So then we were super early. Better than the opposite we decided. πŸ™‚


  2. Jude is right all US airports are a nightmare. I’m not anxious to start flying again. So glad to hear you are planning another trip back here sometime. This time you could fly into Phoenix. It’s another major hub to fly all over the country. Can’t wait for our net trip. BTW Roads to LA were a nightmare, too. I remember we couldn’t even get there because of snow. The major highway into LA was closed near Bakersfield, and there were major waits on the coastal route. We would have arrived after you had gone to bed! πŸ™‚

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