4 Shadows on the Beach

As part of Becky’s April Bright Square Photo Challenge over at The Life of B. I’ve opened the archives to January 2020 to share our 19 day trip to USA. Join me on a pictorial travelogue of the best and brightest of our pre-pandemic adventures in California and Nevada! The rules of the challenge are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word bright. Look for #brightsquare.

We went for an afternoon walk with Marsha and Vince, right along Avila Beach to the pier which stretches 514 metres out into San Luis Bay. 

As the winter sun set beyond Point San Luis, its glowing rays cast long shadows across the sand. 

27 thoughts on “4 Shadows on the Beach

  1. Shadows make interesting pictures. Don’t you love under the pier. The sand is cool even when the sun superheats the rest of the beach, if your feet get too hot, you can always find cool sand under the beach. Of course, blazing hot sand is not such a problem in the winter at dusk. 🙂

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