The Streets of San Francisco

During Becky’s April Bright Square photo challenge I opened the archives to December 2019 and January 2020. Now I’m sharing more of our pre-pandemic holiday in California and Nevada with stories that just couldn’t be squared!

Postcards from America

One day we rugged up against the cold and spent a few hours exploring the streets of San Francisco.

We started on Steiner Street at the beautiful “Painted Ladies”

before making our way along avenues lined with winter trees.

We walked down the stairs beside the hairpin turns of Lombard Street.

At the bottom we made an exciting discovery. We weren’t far away from the warming treats at Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. A second visit was very welcome after a chilly day of walking!

29 thoughts on “The Streets of San Francisco

  1. I think the nearest I’ve come to divorce was directing Linda down Lonbard in our hire car. The kids thought it amazing but the spouse wouldn’t speak to me for an hour. Beautiful city and pictures.

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  2. A lovely city in which to wander around the streets admiring the architecture. I haven’t driven in SF, but I have driven on some hair-raising hairpin bends including some that are two way traffic. Now that’s scary!

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  3. Great photos of a wonderful city. One of the best in my opinion. Brings back so many wonderful memories of walking and exploring the streets of SF. Also found the chocolate shop and enjoyed a couple of their offerings.

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