3 Sweet Treats

I’m joining Becky in her July Square Photo Challenge over at The Life of B.  The rules of the challenge are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word tree. Look for #treesquare. Come with me on a Central Queensland road trip starring trees and the beautiful landscapes of my home state.


From a high vantage point, the Pioneer Valley resembles a sea of green. Tree-lined fields full of lush crops are surrounded by the densely forested mountains of the Clarke Range.

Down at ground level, the reason for the greenery is evident. The fields are full of sky high sugar cane.

The Sugar Shed in Sarina is the place to learn all about the cane industry.

The Plane Creek Mill, next door to the Sugar Shed, is one of five sugar mills in the Mackay district. It processes around 1.2 million tonnes of sugar cane each year.

There’s a collection of vintage cane harvesters and a miniature working mill, where the tour guide shows how the sugar cane is processed.

The best part of the tour is the tasting session. The Sugar Shed has its own distillery and produces a range of liqueurs. They also make jams, chutneys and sauces and visitors have the opportunity to taste them all.

They also make fairy floss, a frosted pink concoction of spun sugar.

It’s even tree-shaped!

22 thoughts on “3 Sweet Treats

  1. You can keep the candy floss, far too sickly sweet, but I wouldn’t mind trying those liqueurs. I recall drinking Cane Spirit in South Africa – a sort of white rum, I suppose they make something similar there?

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  2. I wonder what improvements Australian farmers made on the sugar cane growing process to make it profitable. Remember all the sugar cane fields in HI were removed, and the plants closed because they were unprofitable. Thank goodness Australia picked up the slack.

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