14 Washed Away

I’m joining Becky in her July Square Photo Challenge over at The Life of B.  The rules of the challenge are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word tree. Look for #treesquare. Come with me on a Central Queensland road trip starring trees and the beautiful landscapes of my home state.


On 29th December 1916 disaster struck the little town of Clermont. The previous day a tropical cyclone off the coast had delivered torrential rain over the central Queensland region and early that morning a wall of water rushed along Sandy and Wolfgang Creeks, destroying the town and killing 65 people.

A flood memorial on the corner of Drummond and Capricorn Streets commemorates the tragedy.

A marker on the Flood Tree shows the height of the water at the peak of the flood and the memorial plaques tell the story.

Later on that fateful day in 1916 a piano was found downstream on Sandy Creek, stuck high in a tree where the raging water had left it. Across the road from the flood memorial a replica piano, wedged in the branches of a gum tree, is another reminder of the day Clermont was changed forever.

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  1. Australia does do extreme weather very well! I remember a tropical cyclone – Tracy – that hit Darwin in 1974, also in December, might even have been Christmas Day. My cousin and family lived there at that time, but luckily were not injured.

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  2. Very sad, but they have remembered beautifully – nature terrifies me sometimes and I have this suspicion that nature is going to be terrifying us more frequently in the years to come

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