Keep to the Left…Mostly!

Minerva Hills National Park

In Australia we drive on the left and usually we walk on the left. At the start of the walk to the Skyline Lookout, I automatically walked on the left. It’s the natural thing to do!

Not far from the start this sign caught my attention and, as the track narrowed on its uphill climb, I instinctively moved to the right.

The loose gravel on the path meant I needed to concentrate on where I was stepping. I didn’t want to stumble and fall here – it was a long way down.

Wattle trees in full bloom covered the hills while closer to the track wiry tufts of spinifex dotted the stony slopes.

The track followed the curve of the hill, passing from open grassland into acacia forest where the trees were adorned with dozens of spider webs. Some of the large sticky webs were suspended across the track and I forgot about which side I wanted to walk on. Instead it was a case of dodging from one side to the other to avoid coming face to face with one of the golden orb weavers who built them.

The last section of the track wound around the peak of Mount Zamia to two viewing platforms. One faced south towards Virgin Rock and the little town of Springsure and the other looked out over the fertile farmland to the north.

The track to Skyline Lookout was 800 metres out and back and the return walk was a little easier. I just stayed on the left – except for the part where the spiders live.

37 thoughts on “Keep to the Left…Mostly!

    • I’m not a shopper at the best of times and definitely not unless I have to at the moment, but when I do go to a shopping centre I spend the whole time thinking “walk on the left, people”. If everyone did, we wouldn’t come face to face with anyone.

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  1. That is one scary looking path in places. The spider looks pretty ominous, too. But the view is well worth it. I laughed to myself about you driving on the left, so automatically turn to the left. Memories! πŸ™‚

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  2. What a beautiful walk with such fabulous scenery. It is remindful to me of my home country South Africa which has similar looking flora and scrub. Love the spider web. Very cool photos. Enjoyed going on your walk with you, thanks for sharing.


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