Jumpers and Jazz

Warwick, Queensland

In 2004 a group of citizens in Warwick who shared a passion for yarn had a bright idea. They decided to decorate the bare winter trees in the main street of their southern Queensland town. The keen crafters probably never imagined that their yarnbombing project would be the catalyst for an annual festival which now attracts thousands of visitors.

That first year, staff at the Warwick Art Gallery assembled a group of knitters, crocheters and weavers who worked together to create “tree jumpers” for every tree in the main shopping area. A program of jazz performances was planned to accompany the yarnbombing and Jumpers and Jazz in July was born!

Now decorating the trees is competitive, with cash prizes offered in several sections including excellence in knitting and/or crochet and best community and school groups.

One popular section in the competition is the theme challenge, with this year’s theme being Crackers –ย from Christmas bonbons

to firecrackers and fireworks

and even cheese and crackers!

While the trees take centre stage, public buildings undergo a yarnbombing transformation too. The sandstone pillars of Warwick Town Hallย  and the bollards on the pedestrian crossings wear their own colourful jumpers.

In July, Warwick comes alive with Jumpers and Jazz.

23 thoughts on “Jumpers and Jazz

  1. Thank you for the smiles and the chuckles I enjoyed while reading this post. One of the things I’ve missed during this pandemic that just won’t end is laughter with friends. So, I sincerely hope folks seeing these decorations share a smile and a laugh. Thank you for bringing this unique celebration to our attention.

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  2. Jumpers and Jazz sounds brilliant. Those jumpers all look amazing, what a wonderful idea to get the community involved in decorating the town and also get everyone knitting. Love all the photos.


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