#1 River Views

I’m joining Becky in her February Square Photo Challenge over at The Life of B. The rules of the challenge are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word Odd, referencing one of these definitions: different to what is usual or expected, or strange; a number of items, with one left over as a remainder when divided by two; happening or occurring infrequently and irregularly, or occasionally; separated from a usual pair or set and therefore out of place or mismatched. Look for #SquareOdds.

While we didn’t travel as much as usual in 2021, we were fortunate to enjoy several holidays in our home state of Queensland and one short trip over the border in New South Wales. Join me this month in a retrospective look at the very odd year of 2021. 

Brisbane, January 2021

We started the year with a few days in Brisbane to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Our hotel, located at Hamilton on a bend of the Brisbane River, was aptly named View Brisbane. And our river views didn’t disappoint – downstream in an easterly direction towards the Gateway Bridge and upstream towards the CBD.

While there is nothing odd about these gorgeous late afternoon river views, my panorama shot looks a little unusual. In an effort to capture the broad expanse of the river, my camera gave this straight stretch of Kingsford Smith Drive a distinct curve.

It doesn’t really look like that!

21 thoughts on “#1 River Views

  1. Very interesting that it curved the river. It’s like a very strong pair of glasses maybe. I bet if someone were looking in at your eye while you were taking that picture it would be huge and bulgy like someone years ago who had cataract surgery. I’m dating myself. I looked through my great-grandma’s glasses! LOL Hard to get that picture out of my mind. I wonder what funny things August will remember, if any, from these days. Those little legs of his are so cute really moving that trike along!

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