Street Art in Townsville

Queensland Road Trip, May 2022

Let’s go on a road trip! Come with us to Townsville and west on the Savannah Way to Karumba on an adventure in far north Queensland. 

How often do you find the recommended time to see an attraction is simply not enough?

The Street Art Walking Trail in Townsville’s CBD, featuring 27 works of art commissioned by the City Council, winds its way around six city blocks. The brochure with descriptions of each painting and a map of the trail suggests 45 minutes is sufficient.

Perhaps they didn’t allow for us actually being able to find the paintings and then taking photographs of them. We spent more than two hours wandering through the city seeking out all the spectacular works of art.

Some were tucked away down the sides of buildings or dingy back alleys and sadly, some had rubbish bins and large skips right in front of them or graffiti sprayed across them. Some were on tricky angles, making them hard to photograph. But we did manage to take photos of several fabulous creations. 

This collection of street art continues to grow as new works are added. If you’re in Townsville, pick up a map of the Street Art Walking Trail at the Tourist Information Centre and be sure to allow plenty of time to see them all. 

Croc and Turtle – ROA, 2015

The Barrier – TELLAS, 2017

Sound and Movement Personified – Claire Foxton, 2018

Mother Earth – LEANS, 2017

Girroogul and the Soap Tree – Garth Jankovic and Nicky Bidju Pryor, 2016

L to R:

Concord – James Giddy, 2019

Cat and Mouse – 815K1, 2020

The Smizler – Lee Harnden, 2014

Brolga Dance and Song – Nicky Bidju Pryor, 2018

Under the Sea – HAFLEG, 2020

And this mural of tropical fauna we spotted on a large water tank up on the hill, not in the brochure but still worthy of inclusion. 

Joining Marsha for Photographing Public Art and Jo for Monday Walks

46 thoughts on “Street Art in Townsville

  1. It is annoying when street art is vandalised or blocked by cars etc but it seems you found a lot to enjoy. I have on fact been to Townsville as I spent several days on Magnetic Island back in 2003. I don’t recall any street art, but I do remember a beautiful Queensland hotel.

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  2. What a delightful post! The murals and photos are amazing. I (Kellye) am so glad you included the water tank because it does deserve inclusion. I think my favorite is the blue will with the white sea life – it almost look like a paisley print. What a lot of talented artists, including you, who made wonderful pictures of them! Thank you for sharing your post with us!

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  3. Wow! I can see why it took two hours! These are all fabulous works of art. Imagine having a canvas the size of those buildings to cover. How would you even start? It’s not like Hoosier St. where you just have a small spot. These are huge. Did you have a favorite? I’m not crazy about the blue and white abstract, but the turtle and alligator or croc is an amazing work to me. Even though the woman’s photo was beautiful, the close-up of the croc/alligator is such a great picture. I also love the cat and mouse. Thanks for linking to PPAC, BTW 🙂

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    • Look closely at the blue and white one again. It’s actually a representation of the Barrier Reef. I can’t imagine how the artists can visualise their ideas on such a large area. I think my favourite would be the Under the Sea painting of the turtles. It was on the walls of the police station.

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      • I liked that one, too. The whole process is mind bending, and frankly, it was the blue and white one that made me start thinking about it because it seemed so random and so huge. I kind of get doing a small version of a larger picture you want to paint. I did several enlargement activities with my fourth graders and the results were amazing. But nothing on this level. 🙂

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  5. Thank you for this post. We are heading up to Queensland soon and will certainly look for these murals. I am always impressed with the way artists manage to paint on such a large scale.

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    • Make sure you pick up a brochure with the map at the Tourist Information in the city. You’d never find most of the paintings without it. Where are you headed? We went across the Savannah Way to Karumba and back on this trip. It was great – so much to see along the way.

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