Advice Worth Taking

Queensland Road Trip, May 2022

Let’s go on a road trip! Come with us to Townsville and west on the Savannah Way to Karumba on an adventure in far north Queensland.  

Before we left home, a friend gave me some very important advice. 

“While you’re in Townsville, make sure you go to Juliette’s Gelateria on the Strand,” she said. 

And of course we did – twice!

 Our first visit came after we’d walked the Street Art Trail in the morning and explored Castle Hill in the afternoon, so a double scoop was well-earned. The extensive range of flavours meant choosing just two was difficult.

I decided on caramel biscotti topped with Malteser. Delicious!

The next afternoon we found ourselves on the Strand again, so we returned for seconds. This time I had vanilla choc cherry and chai latte – also delicious.

If you went to Juliette’s, what would you choose?

34 thoughts on “Advice Worth Taking

  1. I’m sitting here almost drooling thinking about what I’m guessing is gelato. When we visited Italy, I think there was a gelato shop every two blocks, and I tried to not miss too many. I haven’t had any since that trip, but if I was there with you, I’d try something chocolate and maybe something cherry. Honestly, though, you could pick anything out, and I’d be one happy camper. Looks delicious.

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  2. i love the first photo, it looks like a really nice place in a good location. I love caramel so I would have the caramel biscotti, but on the numerous times I’ve holidayed in Italy over the years my favourite has always been Zuppa Inglese – translates literally as English Soup. The dessert itself is the Italian version of trifle and the ice cream flavour is based on that – a one-off unique flavour nothing like anything else but also very delicious. If you ever see any you should try some 🙂

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  3. It does look messy, but when does that ever stop an expert gelato connoisseur? The chocolate looks like the most popular, and I would go with that and a caramel. Yum! Kind of like a Tim Tam.

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  4. Just spent a week based in Townsville in our caravan. The Strand is a wonderful place for a walk with our dog, and yes, stopping at Juliette’s for ice cream is a must. I loved choc mint and macadamia but Karen can’t go past anything with chocolate in it! Cheers, Mark

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