An Evening To Remember

Queensland Road Trip, May 2022

Let’s go on a road trip! Come with us to Townsville and west on the Savannah Way to Karumba on an adventure in far north Queensland. 

Our second guided walk at Undara Volcanic National Park took place late in the afternoon. The Sunset Wildlife walk promised fabulous sunset views over the park and the chance to see little bent-wing bats emerging from a lava tube ready for a night’s hunting. We weren’t disappointed. 

A short walk uphill ended on a ridge with 360° views of the plains. Most prominent were the volcanos which helped form this landscape. Undara, with Racecourse Knob to its left, were clearly visible on the horizon. 

Eventually we turned our backs on Undara, because it was the sunset we’d come to see. 

With champagne and a little tray of treats in hand, we watched as the setting sun burnished the sky in an ever changing display of colour. 

As nature’s light show ended, we walked back to the bus which took us to Barkers Tube.  Here, on a platform just outside the entrance to the tube, we stood silently in the dark listening as hundreds of bats flew out into the bush. We could also feel the movement of the air as they passed just overhead. 

Just as she had in Wind Tunnel earlier in the day, our guide turned on her torch for a few seconds. It was long enough for us to see the bats without disturbing them or sending them back inside the lava tube. The privilege of being able to see these tiny creatures in their natural habitat wasn’t lost on any of us. 

It was truly an evening to remember.

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28 thoughts on “An Evening To Remember

  1. It looks like an evening to remember, I would have been thrilled to do that walk and see some of the bats if only briefly. I love the first and last sunset shots, they look beautiful 🙂

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  2. When I lived in Atherton, some friends and I went to Undara to see/hear Opera in the Outback. The next day, we went on the lava tube tour you described in the previous post. Not many people seem to know about this natural wonder in our country.

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  3. What a spectacular sunset! As American road trippers who are national park junkies, we love traveling with you on your road trips half a world away. Undara Volcanic National Park did not disappoint with its caves, bats, and scenery. Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Sounds like a delightful trip. We have a bat that lives in or near our courtyard and we always look forward to the time in spring when ‘Batty’ returns and we can watch him and his friends flitting around in circles. I know, it’s not the same as thousands of bats, but it is still a joy to see.

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  6. Seems like you had a great evening that day🔥🔥😍. I do love the views there such as the sunset and of course the delicious dish there🍲. How I wish to witness bats live, I always see them on the screens when I am watching Gotham or Batman movies😂

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