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The landscape of western Queensland is dramatic. After a good wet season, Mitchell grass grows thickly on the vast plains. Elsewhere the land is stony and dotted with clumps of hardy spinifex. But if you’d travelled this way 95 million years ago, the scenery would have been very different. In the Mid-Cretaceous period forests of conifers, lush ferns and flowering plants covered the land, watered by rivers and streams which flowed into a huge inland sea. And it was inhabited by dinosaurs! 

In August 2022, we followed the Dinosaur Trail through western Queensland, on a route from Winton to Richmond, Hughenden and Muttaburra, all locations where dinosaur fossils have been discovered. Put your Australian Dinosaur Trail Pass in your pocket and join us on a journey back in time to the land of the dinosaurs.  


Usually when we go to a lookout there’s just one wonderful view to enjoy. At the summit of Mount Walker, 10 kilometres from Hughenden, the lookout has six vantage points all facing in different directions. We decide to drive up the winding road to the mountain top just before sunset, when the wintery evening sky takes on deep purple and orange hues.

Etna and Ironbark Lookouts face south west towards the vast open plains between Hughenden and Winton.

A stand of majestic ironbark trees on the downhill slope gives this lookout its name. 

Hughenden Lookout faces the little town of Hughenden to the south,

while in an easterly direction is the Jardine Valley, located between Hughenden and Prairie. 

Reay Lookout also faces south, looking over the Mitchell Downs towards Reay Station. 

We save the best till last, going to Sunset Lookout just in time to see the sky alight with a fiery glow as the sun disappears below the horizon.

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  1. I’m now wondering if that is the lookout we stopped off at on our overland trip from Cairns to Alice. There were no signs then (2003) but I do remember vividly the vast plain with kangaroos. Your last silhouette photo is fabulous.

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  2. Lovely light in your photos – really brings out the colours in the trees and bushes. The silhouette shot against the sunset at the end couldn’t be better. You must have been so pleased when you took that one!

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