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The landscape of western Queensland is dramatic. After a good wet season, Mitchell grass grows thickly on the vast plains. Elsewhere the land is stony and dotted with clumps of hardy spinifex. But if you’d travelled this way 95 million years ago, the scenery would have been very different. In the Mid-Cretaceous period forests of conifers, lush ferns and flowering plants covered the land, watered by rivers and streams which flowed into a huge inland sea. And it was inhabited by dinosaurs! 

In August 2022, we followed the Dinosaur Trail through western Queensland, on a route from Winton to Richmond, Hughenden and Muttaburra, all locations where dinosaur fossils have been discovered. Put your Australian Dinosaur Trail Pass in your pocket and join us on a journey back in time to the land of the dinosaurs. 


With a population of just 229, the town of Jericho is small – just a grid of four by four streets beside the Capricorn Highway. Inside the Information Centre and Post Office is an even smaller version – a handcrafted miniature clay village.

Created by Alice McLaughlin with help from local artists, the village features 43 of the town’s homes and community buildings. 

And it’s not just the buildings on display – the locals are featured too. There’s a game of backyard cricket going on at one place. 

Perhaps this gentleman is deciding how to spend the day in his shed.

And on the main street, neighbours are catching up on all the local news. 

The most popular place to go in Jericho is the drive-in theatre. It’s one of just a few drive-ins still in operation in Australia and plays new release movies in a double feature once a month.

There’s a lot happening in the little town of Jericho!


24 thoughts on “In Miniature

  1. My first experience of a drive in theatre was in Australia! Nothing quite like it. Funny how these model places draw you in… I do envy people who can make these fiddly little things!

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  2. I didn’t know Australia had a dinosaur trail. So cool! The miniature town of Jericho is such a great idea and an obvious labour of love. Just wondering if they add in new towns people when they arrive (or are delivered :))

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    • I’m not sure there would be too many new people moving to Jericho. It’s a very small town. Probably only teachers and police would come and go again. It would be nice to think they get added to the display.


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