I’m a freelance writer, teacher, quilt maker and grower of roses. I love the preparation, planning and research that goes into a great holiday almost as much as the holiday itself and feel very satisfied when a journey goes smoothly because it’s been well thought out. Come with me on our travels and adventures in Australia and around the world.

My travel stories have been published in the Fernwood Magazine and Smart Farmer Queensland.


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  1. Planning is fine but the joy of travelling is being flexible enough to be open to discovery and the surprises that are presented when things don’t always go to plan.

  2. Michel, You are right. We live in Australia and it’s very time consuming and it costs a lot to get to most other countries so we like to have our transport and accommodation organised before we leave to ensure that there are no unfortunate surprises. But once we’re there it’s a different matter and we love roaming and exploring and going off the tourist track. I do think though that the research that goes into a good trip is almost as much fun as the trip itself.

  3. Tick tick tick tick 🙂 We have a teacher in our midst too, we love quilts (although never made one) and we love roses and travel 🙂 Seems like we have too much in common to not follow you!!

  4. Your blog is superb and the places you visit are so fascinating! I have a passion for travel as well. I would love to read more to get a taste of the places you visit. Keep up the good work!

    • I figure since it takes us more than a day to go anywhere on the other side of the world I don’t want to get there and then have something not work out how it’s supposed to. And I don’t want to come home and then find out about a place we missed. Better to be organised and then take things as they come, I say.

  5. I’m glad to have found your blog, it is great. I read several articles on your blog and I think it is useful for the tourists =)

    Let me introduce myself, My name is Sam, a HongKonger who love travel. Two months ago, I had created a attractions based travel site which aims to connect the bloggers and the tourists. Bloggers can share their articles, photos or comments about an attractions and let tourists find the useful travel information more easily, just like an index of blogs and attractions. I know you write a lots of articles about different attractions and i believe you will write more in the future, so I would like to invite you to join our community and share your articles and photos to let the tourists can read your travel story. Hope you will join us to share the travel information with each other.

    Look for your reply, hope you all the best!



    • Fernwood Magazine is the members’ magazine for Fernwood which is a ladies only gym franchise in Australia.

      I am a planner when it comes to travelling overseas. We figure it takes a long time to get to anywhere apart from New Zealand and we don’t want to waste time trying to find accommodation or organise transport when we arrive. So all this is planned. But once we’re there we tend to play it by ear and try to do less touristy stuff.

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  7. I saw the link to your blog in Alive and Trekking’s post and this page alone makes me want to read more about your travels! I couldn’t agree more about enjoying the planning & preparation for a great holiday.

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