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Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections #2

The ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park in Sydney was completed in 1934 and was built in memory of the Australian Imperial Force of World War One. Fifty years later, in 1984, the memorial was rededicated to all Australians who have served in war. The Pool of Reflection serves not only to capture forever the image of the memorial but as a reminder to us of the dedication of those who have come before.


Inside, the Hall of  Memory leads visitors to the Well of Silence. From here they can look down into the Hall of Contemplation where the sculpture Sacrifice shows a young soldier, lying over his shield and sword and supported by his mother, sister, wife and child. DSCN3200

The position of the sculpture means that those looking down from above must bow their heads to see the dead soldier, and allows them time to reflect on the loss and sadness caused by war.


Lest we forget.