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Total Devastation

Square Perspectives Photo Challenge ~ Australian Landscapes #22

Destination: Esk Hampton Road, Queensland

As temperatures soared past 40°C in mid November 2019, a fire broke out in Pechey State Forest north of Toowoomba. Perched on the escarpment of the Great Dividing Range, the forest was tinder dry after several years of extreme drought. Within hours it fell victim to a raging inferno which burned for more than a week, destroying thousands of hectares of forest, bushland and national park and threatening several small townships.

Two weeks later on our way to the Sunshine Coast, we drove through the devastation left in the wake of the fire.

Eucalyptus trees, their trunks scarred and blackened, still lined each side of the road, but the usually thick undergrowth was gone. Amazingly some trees had patches of green in their canopies.

More than two weeks after the fire began some parts of the forest continued to smoulder, contributing to the lingering smoke haze.

Further on, a fresh cloud of smoke billowed above an untouched area of forest on the other side of the hills.

Another blaze was about to do even more damage.


While our travel plans are on hold I’m joining in every day with Becky’s July Square Perspectives Photo Challenge over at The Life of B. The rules are simple: photos must be square and fit the theme of perspective. My posts represent the definition of perspective as a vista – seeing something over distance or time.