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25 An Iconic Ride

As part of Becky’s April Bright Square Photo Challenge over at The Life of B, I’ve opened the archives to January 2020 to share our 19 day trip to USA. Join me on a pictorial travelogue of the best and brightest of our pre-pandemic adventures in California and Nevada! The rules of the challenge are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word bright. Look for #brightsquare.

Postcards from America

We couldn’t be in San Francisco and not go for a ride or two on a cable car. These iconic hand operated street vehicles have been in operation since 1873 and, of the original 23 lines, three still run in the downtown area. 

While the cable cars are on every visitor’s to do list, the museum dedicated to the history of cable cars is less well known. Located in the Washington-Mason powerhouse and car-barn, the museum tells the story of their ingenious inventor Andrew Smith Hallidie and the talented engineer William Eppelsheimer who put Hallidie’s ideas into practice. 

Many beautifully restored early cars are displayed along with artefacts including photographs, staff uniforms and maps. 

While the museum is located on the mezzanine floor of the building, the working operations of the powerhouse can be seen on the floor below. Winding machinery keeps the cables moving in a continuous loop, driving the cars outside on the streets. In the adjacent workshop, maintenance on the machinery and the cable cars is constant.

When you visit San Francisco make sure the Cable Car Museum is on your itinerary – you can get there on a cable car!