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27 After Dark

As part of Becky’s April Bright Square Photo Challenge over at The Life of B, I’ve opened the archives to January 2020 to share our 19 day trip to USA. Join me on a pictorial travelogue of the best and brightest of our pre-pandemic adventures in California and Nevada! The rules of the challenge are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word bright. Look for #brightsquare.

Postcards from America

Evening was already closing in by the time we arrived at San Francisco’s Pier 39.

At the end of the pier, the sculpture Open Heart mirrored the luminous colours of the sunset. 

Even though it was almost night, we could still see the California sea lions who live around the West Marina. They had already gathered on the docks, their glossy pelts shining in the fading light.

The sky darkened and the sea lions began to settle but we were reluctant to leave and stood watching until they were no longer visible.

By the time we were ready to move on the sky was dark. The pier wasn’t dark though, with 1,800 glowing LED lights illuminating the San Francisco Carousel. 

After starting with beautiful artwork, our evening ended the same way. Across the water more LEDs, an installation of 25,000 called The Bay Lights, lit up the Bay Bridge, all the way from San Francisco to Oakland.