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Fun On Four Wheels

Fraser Island lies 15 kilometres off the southern Queensland coast. With an area of 184000 hectares it is the world’s largest sand island and its diverse range of plants and animals along with its cultural heritage have contributed to its listing as a World Heritage Site. The only way to get to the island is by car and passenger ferry, either from Inskip Point near Rainbow Beach or River Heads near Hervey Bay. From River Heads it’s a 35 minute journey across the Great Sandy Strait to either Wanggoolba Creek or Kingfisher Bay.



How many vehicles will fit on this boat?

Once on the island access is restricted to four wheel drive vehicles as there are no sealed roads and some of the inland tracks and beach routes can be rough and hazardous.


Do it again!


The main roads are wide and well maintained and with a speed limit of 30 km per hour there is plenty of time to admire the surrounding forest.


Some of the sandy inland tracks are one way, but many are not and it’s a case of size matters when it comes to giving way.


Back up…now!

The main beach driving route takes in much of Seventy-Five Mile Beach, from Dilli Village in the south to Corroboree Beach in the north. Here the speed limit is 80 km per hour and at times the beach is more like a freeway with cars and tourist buses travelling in both directions.


Heading for home


We’ve got ourselves a convoy.

It’s important to check tide times when planning a day trip. At high tide some beach areas become impassable and more than one vehicle has been lost to the sea over the years.


Sometimes the beach doubles as a landing strip. Planes need to land on firm sand near the water’s edge and cars must give way.


If it’s a fun-filled four wheel driving adventure you’re after, Fraser Island is the perfect getaway.


Oh look, my wife is taking a photo of me driving through the waves…let’s go right past her and see how wet she gets…