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Start Cooking!

When you’re greeted by a giant chef perched atop the building on the corner and a row of enormous teacups down the side of another, you know you’re in for a culinary treat in Kappabashi-dori. It’s not an edible indulgence this time but a shopping experience with a difference.



Kappabashi-dori, aka Kitchen Street, is at the centre of a district in central Tokyo where you can buy all sorts of kitchen accessories. From where the kitchen shops begin it’s impossible to see the end, with block after block of shop fronts decorated with bunting advertising their wares.


Some shops are large, with a variety of stock while others are tiny spaces packed to the rafters with just one type of implement.

Whether it’s chairs, chopsticks or chefs’ clothing you’re searching for, Kappabashi-dori is the place to go.