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A Loo With a View – The Savannah Way Edition

Queensland Road Trip, May 2022

Let’s go on a road trip! Come with us to Townsville and west on the Savannah Way to Karumba on an adventure in far north Queensland.

Up in far north Queensland

there are lots of loos.

While some are new and some are old

they all have excellent views!


This interestingly painted loo

sits high on Castle Hill

The view of Townsville and beyond

Is sure to give a thrill.

Townsville, Magnetic Island and the Coral Sea


This loo sits at the base

of a volcanic crater.

With wallabies just outside the door

You’re surrounded by nature.

Undara Volcanic National Park


In Croydon, where the buildings

are beautifully preserved,

this loo’s no longer used

for the purpose it once served.



The amenities are Talaroo

are brand new and top notch,

When the night sky glowed at sunset

we sat outside to watch.

Talaroo Hot Springs


This primitive old outhouse

might not be inviting,

but the pioneers who lived here

must have thought it was exciting!



And finally, this toilet

inside the small blue shed

at the camp beside the roadhouse

filled me with dread.

“Thank goodness,” I said

When we pulled up for the night.

“We have a bathroom in our van.

I will be all right.”

Bluewater Springs


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SquareUp Photo Challenge: Camping at Carnarvon Gorge, October 2020 #30

A Loo With a View ~ The Carnarvon Gorge Edition 

At Carnarvon Gorge the walking track

goes on and on and on.

Through the forest and over the creek,

it’s very, very long!

(10 kilometres one way 😬)

There’s a loo at the beginning

And a loo right at the end.

But in between there’s only one,

With steps you must ascend.

(designed to house the composting mechanism underneath but I like to think it also keeps animals out 🙄🤞)

If you visit Carnarvon Gorge

And spot this loo beside the track,

Don’t be like me and walk right past.

You might end up running back!

(based on a true story 😀 )

In January I’m joining in with Becky’s Square Photo Challenge over at The Life of B. The rules are simple: most photos must be square and fit the theme word up. Look for #SquareUp

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A Loo With a View – The Western Queensland Edition

Western Queensland Road Trip #20

A road trip through the outback

is a marvellous affair.

You can drive for hours

and think the land is bare.

But if nature calls along the way

there’s no need for despair.

There are outback loos with outback views

and their own distinctive flair.


Often in the outback

it is very, very dry.

But some bush loos have water views.

You wouldn’t pass them by.

Warrego River at the Cunnamulla Weir

Moonie River, Nindigully


When Thomas Mitchell camped here in 1846

he had to bring his own facilities.

But now you’ll find this bathroom on the river bank –

it’s basic but it covers all your needs.

Maranoa River, Mitchell


When visiting a winery

a bathroom is essential.

And if it’s hidden in the garden

your visit’s confidential.

Riversands Winery, St George


But on a dusty bush track

where the toilet is a wreck,

privacy’s not guaranteed –

You may need to go low-tech!

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A Loo With a View – The Canadian Edition

Canada #44

Canadian loos have wonderful views

of mountains, sea and sky.

Coast to coast, from west to east,

these views will satisfy!


In summer at Butchart Gardens

where flowers are celebrated,

they are blooming everywhere –

even the loos are decorated!

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island, BC


A gentleman in his bathroom

could always sit and ponder

the view from his bathroom window

of the mountains over yonder.

Craigdorrach Castle, Victoria, Vancouver Island, BC


At beautiful Deep Cove

you’ll find this deluxe facility.

Pitt River is very scenic

but the toilets aren’t so pretty.

Deep Cove, BC

Pitt River, BC


Before you take a gondola ride

have a toilet stop.

There are no handy bathrooms

on the mountain top!

Sea to Sky Gondola, Squamish, BC


A toilet block amidst the trees –

its location is quite practical.

With running water everywhere,

you might need to be tactical.

Brandywine Falls, BC


Old buildings at the village

tell tales of long ago.

This outhouse has seen better days.

It’s only there for show.

Black Creek Pioneer Village, Toronto, ON


A long walk around the islands

might leave you feeling needy.

With a bathroom halfway round the track

you won’t have to be speedy.

Toronto Island Park, Toronto, ON


When the Blue Jays are in town

and you go to see the game,

learn about baseball history

in the Washroom Hall of Fame.

Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON


This pretty little restroom

is very well disguised.

It’s only when you walk around

that you can see the signs.

Montmorency Falls, Quebec City, QC


So when you visit Canada

and you need to use the loo,

it’s highly likely it will have

an amazing view!


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A Loo With a View – The Kevtoberfest Edition

Kevtoberfest #26

Australian loos have lovely views

from the mountains to the sea,

When you need to answer nature’s call

they’re where you want to be!


This bush loo looks a little rough

but believe me when I say,

it’s better than no loo at all

in a bushland hideaway.

The road to Perry’s Lookdown

Perry’s Lookdown, Blue Mountains


These stylish loos are made of stone

which is very apt.

They overlook some famous rocks.

At sunset we were rapt!

The Three Sisters, Katoomba, Blue Mountains


At Jenolan we found two beaut loos

in excellent locations.

Outside there were garden views

and a hotel for vacations.

Jenolan Caves House, Jenolan


The Grand Arch housed a second loo

amongst the cave formations.

Please use this loo

before you start your caving explorations.

The Grand Arch, Jenolan


The town of Bermagui

has a loo up on the hill.

With views in all directions,

it really fits the bill!

Bermagui River

Horseshoe Bay, Bermagui


This loo may look a little plain

– it’s very practical.

But sunset over the water

is simply magical.

Wagonga Inlet, Narooma


This tidy loo is on the lakes –

the water views are fine.

The locals like to gather

and enjoy the bright sunshine.

Lakes Entrance


So when you’re on a road trip

and the distances are long,

If you find loos with views like these

You really can’t go wrong!


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A Loo With a View – The English Edition

Exploring England #43

Most English loos don’t have a view. They’re discreetly tucked away.

We found some loos with lovely views where you could sit all day!


A medieval garderobe which felt a little airy

Brougham Castle, Penrith


A neat Victorian bathroom – it was revolutionary

Bramall Hall, Stockport


A tidy woodland toilet with a devilish reputation

Devil’s Bridge, Kirkby Lonsdale


A functional facility at the edge of the nation

Lizard Point, Cornwall


For him a motor bike museum, for her a café and craft shop

Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum, New Milton


It’s quite a climb right up the stairs to reach this comfort stop

Charmouth, Dorset


Finally, in Liverpool, behind the toilet door,

No view! Just John’s message…

We’ve all heard it before.

The Cavern Club, Liverpool


A Loo With a View ~ The Cruise Edition

Goin’ Cruising #10

Tropical loos with ocean views

Along the Queensland coast.

With palm trees, sand and sun all round

Which do you like the most?



The Lagoon, Airlie Beach



Airlie Beach



Cairns Esplanade



Market Park, Port Douglas



Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas


And if you need to find a loo

when you’re back on board the ship,

There are loos with views on every deck

to get you through the trip!



Pacific Ocean, The Dome, Pacific Dawn

A Loo With a View – The Hawaiian Edition

Holiday in Hawaii #23

Hawaiian loos with beautiful views,

When you go there, which will you choose?

Tropical forest or sun-soaked sand,

Whatever your choice, the view will be grand!



‘Iao Needle, Maui



Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, Oahu




Sunset Beach, North Shore, Oahu




Mānoa Falls Trail, Oahu




Hanauma Bay State Park, Oahu




Wai’anapanapa State Park, Maui

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A Loo with a View – The Road Trip Edition

Round Australia Road Trip#32

Bush loos, city loos,

Practical or pretty loos,

Loos with info,

Loos with style,

With views like this,

you’ll take a while!



Victoria River, Northern Territory


Lake Argyle, Western Australia

Lake Argyle, Western Australia


Marlgu Billabong, Western Australia

Marlgu Billabong, Western Australia


Bungle Bungles, Western Australia

Bungle Bungles, Western Australia



Geikie Gorge, Western Australia


Windjana Gorge, Western Australia

Windjana Gorge, Western Australia


Shell Beach, Shark Bay, Western Australia

Shell Beach, Shark Bay, Western Australia


Port Denison Fishing Fleet, Western Australia

Fishing Fleet, Port Denison, Western Australia


Perth, Western Australia

Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia


Cape Bauer, Great Australian Bight, South Australia

Cape Bauer, Great Australian Bight, South Australia


Barrier Highway, New South Wales

Barrier Highway, New South Wales

Sometimes the view is on the loo.


Kununurra, Western Australia

And when there’s no loo

A tree will do!


De Grey River Free Camp, Great Northern Highway, Western Australia

Five Western Australian Loos With Wonderful Views

If you’re on a road trip, comfortable bathroom facilities along the way are a lucky find. When they are in amazing positions with fantastic views it’s more than good luck – it’s good planning. These wonderful amenities are all located at sites along the south-west coast of Western Australia where the ocean can be wild and the scenery is spectacular.

Sugarloaf Rock is a small granite island off the coast near Yallingup. Completely surrounded by the pounding waters of the Indian Ocean, Sugarloaf Rock is a safe haven for red-tailed tropic birds which fly from the tropics to breed here.



Travel a little further south to Canal Rocks, a group of rocky islands and reefs which trap the ocean in a series of canals and channels. The rocks here are composed of gneiss, a metamorphic rock formed when the supercontinent Gondwana began to move 230 million years ago. The ocean swirls as it rushes in between these tiny islands and the current is strong – don’t be tempted to swim here.



Head east for 600 kilometres to the dramatic coastline of southern Australia and you’ll find these newly built comfort stops at Hamersley Inlet in the Fitzgerald River National Park. The inlet is a salt water lake, sometimes connected to the Southern Ocean by a narrow fiord in the sand dunes. It’s a good spot for fishing when the salt levels aren’t too high.




Not far from Hamersley Inlet is Cave Point. Put on your coat because the wind blowing off the Southern Ocean feels like it has come all the way from the Antarctic, 4000 kilometres to the south. It’s worth braving the icy wind though to see the ancient coastline stretching away on both sides. In one direction is East Mount Barren, a rugged rocky mountain rising out of the sea. In the opposite direction is West Beach with its fine white sand and crashing waves.




Continue in an easterly direction past the small coastal village of Hopetoun to Southern Ocean Road. This road hugs the shore and there are several places where you can stop and marvel at the deserted beaches, high dunes and vast expanse of the Southern Ocean. Two Mile Beach is one of many along this part of the coast and if you’re lucky you’ll have both the amenities and the beach all to yourself.



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