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Dancing on the Beach

Holiday in Hawaii #11

As the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean at Waikiki, the call of the conch shell summons everyone to the Hula Mound at Kūhiō Beach.



The audience gathering in the fading light is as enthusiastic as the band on the stage. They’re about to play the music in a free show featuring traditional Hawaiian hula dancing.



For first time visitors to Oahu, there’s an invitation to join the hula dancers on stage for an impromptu hula lesson and I’m keen to join in. Each movement tells a part of the story; “over the waves…catching fish…return home to your true love”. It all comes together and we dance to the music, hips swaying and hands waving gracefully.

It’s fun on stage and when the dance is done the crowd shows their appreciation, but I’m happy to leave the rest of the dancing to the experts.

See the free hula show every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening at the Kūhiō Beach Hula mound on Kalākaua Avenue, Waikiki from 6.30 pm. BYO chairs or relax on the grass around the hula mound.


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Dance

Not Quite What I Thought!

Holiday in Hawaii #8

I’ve never eaten fish tacos. I’ve eaten fish and I’ve eaten tacos, but never together. We had lunch at Leilani’s on the Beach and Marsha, Connie and Darrell all had fish tacos. They looked delicious.


I was tempted to stop at this Fish Taco Van, but it wasn’t the right time of day.


So when we had dinner at The Hula Grill in Lahaina I decided to try the Poke fish tacos. They sounded great on the menu – fresh ahi (tuna)  served with shoyu, maui onions, chili flakes, avocado and wasabi aioli. When the tacos came to the table they looked very pretty.


It was only when I took my first mouthful that I realised the fish was raw! I didn’t know Poke meant raw!!

I ate two tacos but I couldn’t face any more raw tuna, so I removed it from the third taco and ate the rest. The avocado was excellent!

It was just as well I didn’t eat all my dinner because I needed room for dessert; an enormous serve of Hula Pie – crunchy chocolate crust and rich coconut ice cream, topped with chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, toasted macadamias and a mountain of whipped cream.

It wasn’t difficult to eat all of my pie.

Now you see it…


Now you don’t…



What word would you use to describe my state of mind during this meal?

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ State of Mind

Marsha didn’t enjoy the Poke tacos either!


Too Good To Be True ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Optimistic

After paying almost $2 a litre for fuel across inland Western Australia, the prices at this service station in Dampier caught our attention. Was the fuel really free? We indulged in some wishful thinking before deciding the tanks were probably empty.


Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Optimistic

Ladies and Gents ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Alphabet

Situated 166 km west of Broome and 230 km east of Fitzroy Crossing, the remote Willare Bridge Roadhouse is a welcome stop on Western Australia’s Great Northern Highway.


Also much appreciated are the bathrooms, labelled with these unique handcrafted signs.



Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Alphabet

Nature’s Designs ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Ornate

When spring comes to Western Australia the wildflowers bloom in abundance. At first glance the blossoms look simple but closer inspection reveals the fine details. These wildflowers were all found in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.






Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Ornate

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From Every Angle

Tall coconut palms line the edge of Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas in far north Queensland. The beach begins at the base of Island Point and heads south for four miles to the mouth of the Mowbray River. Although resorts and residential blocks line the beach front, there are no high rises and the view to the rainforest clad mountains is unspoiled. In mid-winter, the beach is popular with both walkers and windsurfers, and a few hardy souls even brave the cool water for a swim.




Weekly Photo Challenge ~ From Every Angle