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A Natural Balancing Act

Square Perspectives Photo Challenge ~ Australian Landscapes #26

Destination: Stonehenge Recreational Reserve, New South Wales

At Stonehenge Recreational Reserve it looks like a giant tossed his pebble collection like a little boy tosses marbles. Beside the New England Highway not far from Glen Innes, dozens of huge granite boulders lie scattered across 32 hectares of parkland. Some are only just exposed, with most of their massive bulk still buried underground. Others rest on their side or stack up against each other.

Some boulders balance haphazardly in precarious positions,

while others seem perilously close to toppling.

When the first English settlers arrived here in 1838, they named their property “Stonehenge”. It’s not hard to imagine why.


While our travel plans are on hold I’m joining in every day with Becky’s July Square Perspectives Photo Challenge over at The Life of B. The rules are simple: photos must be square and fit the theme of perspective. My posts represent the definition of perspective as a vista – seeing something over distance or time.