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Konnichiwa, Tokyo!

Welcome to Tokyo, the world’s most populated metropolis. The inner city of Tokyo is home to more than 9 million people while the plainland over which the extended metropolitan area spreads has an estimated population of almost 35 million. The best way to gain a perspective on this massive expanse of humanity is to look from above and there are two amazing ways to get a bird’s eye view.


Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Skytree are both broadcasting towers, with the added bonus of having viewing floors where the public can enjoy beautiful views of the city. Tokyo Tower, opened in 1958, reaches a height of 333 metres, with observation floors at 150 metres and 250 metres. The much taller Tokyo Skytree, completed in 2011 at a height of 634 metres, has five viewing floors, from 340 metres to the highest viewing point at 451.2 metres, in the Tembo Galleria. It’s best to visit both towers – one during the day and the other at night, to see the city from two different viewpoints.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower


Tokyo Skytree

In the daytime, the views of Tokyo seem to extend beyond the horizon. The city is a sprawling mass of structures, some tall and others surprisingly small, interspersed with gardens, parks and sports grounds, cemeteries, temples and amazing elevated roadways. From the Special Observatory of Tokyo Tower, at 250 metres, even the smallest details can be seen, including school children playing lunchtime games in the playground below.




A night-time view of the city from Tokyo Skytree adds another dimension to an understanding of the city. While Tokyo’s intimate details are hidden in the dark, the streets are brightly illuminated and thousands of lights sparkle across the metropolis, as far as the eye can see.  A leisurely walk around the Tembo Galleria gives a 360° outlook on the entire city.




And for yet another perspective on this amazing city, stand on the glass floor at each of the towers…and look down!

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