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The Venice of the North

It’s easy to travel around when visiting Bruges. You can drive a car on all but the narrowest of cobblestone streets in the centre of town.


Bicycles can go anywhere, and parking is never a problem.


For an old world feel take a slow carriage ride along the bustling thoroughfares and quieter back streets.


However, for a completely different perspective on this beautifully preserved city, you must go on a canal boat ride.


At first glance it seems a little ‘touristy” but at €7.60, a half hour cruise along the canals of Bruges is not just great value. It’s also great fun.



The boats sail come rain or shine and there are dozens of them on the canals every day.


Their captains tell the stories of the medieval buildings and the people who lived in them in centuries past, the ancient bridges and the canals themselves. Bruges is sometimes known as “The Venice of the North” and when the little boats filled with people gazing upwards in wonder sail up and down the waterways it’s not hard to see why.


At the end of the day, when the boat rides finish, the water stills and the canals become restful.


Then the best way to see Bruges is on foot!