Market Day In Bruges

The Markt in the centre of Bruges is surrounded by lavishly ornamented Gothic buildings including the Belfry, the City Hall and the Provincial Palace and usually it’s overflowing with tourists.


They come to admire the architecture, absorb the history and enjoy a waffle or a serve of friets from one of the many cafes or vans. On Wednesdays though, the tourists have to compete for space with the vendors who come to sell their fresh food and flowers – it’s market day!


Fruit and vegetables from around the world are sold at the grocers’ stalls while local cheeses and meat, spicy sausages, fresh bread and smoked fish are available too.

The variety of beautiful flowers is amazing and so is the price – so little for such glorious abundance!




In September it’s impossible to leave before buying some enormous strawberries and sweet jewelled raspberries – waffles and friets are not on the lunch menu today!


22 thoughts on “Market Day In Bruges

    • Denzil, we are home again now. We loved Belgium and saw and learned so much. It was a little rainy in Bruges but still so beautiful, and Brussels was amazing. Do you remember a conversation we had about Waterloo? We did a day trip there from Brussels and it was one of the highlights of our trip. The story is really well presented and the Tourist Information Office staff were incredibly helpful and friendly.


      • Well I’m glad you had a good time in Belgium. And it’s great that you ignored my advice about Waterloo! Sounds like they have really got their act together since I was last there about 8 years ago.


        • We enjoyed it but we do like a bit of history! We had visited Wellington’s home in London, Apsley House, and also Wellington Arch, so we had some background knowledge too. The little museum across the road from the Tourist Info is very good, and just the right size.


  1. Yay! You’re home safe and sound and happily posting your images. I would love to visit that market. I love outdoor markets and support the local Farmer’s Market where I live. The here market runs from Victoria Day to Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and in between I shop at the farm gates.


    • Yes, we are both back at work and being normal again, but already planning our next holiday. We always cater for ourselves when we travel so we love buying our food from markets and supporting local businesses. I can pretend we live there, for just a little while.


  2. What a wonderful market – so much colour and interest. Your top photo reminds me of painting by the Dutch artist Avercamp – Winter Landscape with Skaters. I know your picture isn’t winter, nor does it have skaters in it, but there’s something about all the people that reminded me!


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