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To Ride or Not To Ride?

The twin roller coasters of Battlestar Galactica, highest in the world, dominate the skyline at Universal Studios, Sentosa. Duelling rides – Human and Cylon – hurtle past each other at speeds of up to 90 km an hour on a 90 second joyride.


From the moment we arrived at Singapore’s Universal Studios, I was determined to ride the roller coasters. The queues were long, so we decided to visit the other six entertainment zones in the park first and leave the roller coasters until later in the day. We could do the easy rides first and build up to the excitement of the roller coasters.


In New York, we helped Elmo and Super Grover defend the Earth against Macaroni the Merciless in the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Race.


At Lights, Camera, Action! we sheltered in a boathouse on the harbour as a hurricane bore down on New York City. A cargo ship, forced ashore by driving rain and gale force winds, came crashing through the wall and stopped just metres from us.


We sailed through the steamy jungles of Madagascar on a Crate Adventure


and soared above Jurassic Park on the Canopy Flyer before dodging prehistoric escapees on the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.


After leaving Jurassic Park we travelled forward in time to Ancient Egypt. We became Treasure Hunters at an archaeological excavation,



and defended ourselves against warrior mummies and giant scarab beetles at Revenge of the Mummy.



As the sun set and the crowds lessened we returned to the roller coasters.


Daring riders still raced past at breakneck speeds,


twisting and turning on the spiraling tracks.


Did I ride?

Of course not! Someone had to take photos!