Glen’s Eggs

Round Australia Road Trip #8

I don’t really like eggs, especially fried eggs. Eggs for breakfast would not be my ideal way to start the day, but when we camped at Purnululu National Park eggs were on the menu.

The road into Purnululu isn’t caravan friendly so we left our van at a stay station just off the highway and took our basic camping gear for an overnight visit: the tent, airbeds and the gas stove for cooking. We camped at the southern end of the park in the Wallardi Camp, a tranquil bush setting next to the dry stony bed of Bellburn Creek.


At sunrise we were woken by a dawn chorus, the melodious calls of tiny finches and doves competing with the raucous cries of sulphur crested cockatoos. It was time for breakfast. “Never fear my dear. I will cook the eggs for breakfast,” said Glen. “My fried eggs are delicious!”


There was just one small problem. The non-stick pan did not live up to expectations and my eggs were a mangled mess. Naturally, after washing the pan to clean away the remnants of my eggs, Glen’s eggs came out perfectly.

I really don’t like eggs!

15 thoughts on “Glen’s Eggs

  1. I declined eggs for breakfast in Namibia after they had been sitting in 30 degree heat for several days and some shells were cracked. Toast is fine thank you! (Saying that your eggs do look lovely, even if a little on the scrambled side) 🙂


    • I’m not surprised you didn’t eat those eggs…disgusting! As for my eggs, I prefer them to be only just cooked, soft and runny. These eggs were well done that’s for sure. I only ate them because there was nothing else. I’ve had my fill of eggs for at least a year now. 🙂

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    • There weren’t many flies and in fact there were hardly any other bugs either. The best thing was no mozzies, because there wasn’t any water within cooee.

      I’m pleased to have a kindred spirit among my readers! Let the others have their eggs, would you like a croissant perhaps?


  2. Typical, isn’t it that your not-so-perfect eggs should pave the way for the perfect ones (with a smiile)! I’m not averse to the occasional fried egg (though it has to be done on a low heat until the white is just set and the yolk nice and runny) but my preference is for a poached or lightly boiled egg.

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