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With so much to see, Crackneck Point Lookout on the New South Wales Central Coast is an ideal vantage point.

The little town of The Entrance sits snugly beside the sandy curve of Shelly beach. The narrow channel the town is named for connects the vast waterways of Tuggerah Lakes to the Pacific Ocean.

Far off in the distance Norah Head Lighthouse is just visible atop Norah Head. Container ships heading towards the port at Newcastle don’t need its guiding light during the day.

The views from Crackneck Point are beautiful at any time of year but, between April and November, visitors come armed with binoculars as well as cameras.

They’re hoping to spot humpback whales.

Pods of whales migrate every winter from the Southern Ocean to the warmer waters of the Queensland coast to mate. In late spring, they return south with their newborn calves. Up to 25,000 whales make the journey every year, so it’s not unusual to see them travelling close to the coast.

The lookout at Crackneck Point is perfect for an afternoon of whale watching.

25 thoughts on “So Much More

  1. Hello Carol.

    Awesome to see humpback whales! I have only seen Killer Whales in SeaWorld Orland, Florida in my life. :).

    Thank you presenting your photos and telling about humpback whales.

    Have a wonderful day!

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