Road Trip #1 What’s In A Name?

When driving long distances we have many different strategies to pass the time and add interest to the day. One way to liven the journey is to make suggestions as to the origin of the place names we see along the way.

Some are self-explanatory:




Some require a little more imagination:

The Romans were here??


The explorer broke into his medicinal supplies when the road trip became too much for him…


Tara was being chased by something large and unpleasant…


This was where the explorer held his office party.


Someone lives down there – really?


It’s ten miles from somewhere…we don’t know where, it could be anywhere!


A pot of gold was found here…


As for this one, your guess is as good as ours! Any suggestions?


19 thoughts on “Road Trip #1 What’s In A Name?

  1. I love looking at the names of creeks when I’m travelling. We all know ‘ten mile creek’ is ten miles from ‘somewhere’, by ‘where’ no one ever knows. I always try to avoid stopping at places like ‘mosquito’ creek and ‘snake gully’ LOL 😀


  2. We live in a delta area, but don’t have nearly THAT many creeks. Elbow Creek, Cottonwood Creek, Cross Creek, St. John’s River, Kaweah River, South Fork, Middle Fork, Mill Creek, just to name a few. None so colorful as Murdering Hut Creek! Yikes! 🙂


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