Beauty at Low Tide

Golden Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

The esplanade at Golden Beach is perfect for walking. On one side of the street, private homes look out over the calm waters of Pumicestone Passage while on the other, the path follows the contours of the sandy beach…

until you come to the mangrove boardwalk.

As the boardwalk winds into the mangrove the houses disappear from view, hidden by a dense forest of trees, vines and undergrowth. Along the way two paths leading to viewing platforms over the channel branch off the main walkway.

The word mangrove refers both to an area of coastal vegetation and also to the particular types of trees which grow there.

Other native plants flourish in the forest too.

The mangrove is home to animals as well as plants. Golden Orb spiders build large communal webs, filling in the gaps between the trees.

When they feel the vibrations of footsteps on the boardwalk, small crabs suddenly stop their sideways scuttling. Once still, they’re hard to distinguish from the pebbles embedded in the sand.

At high tide the ocean reaches almost to the road, covering much of the vegetation on the ground. But when the tide is low and the water has receded, the true beauty of the mangrove is revealed.

Joining Jo for Monday Walks

32 thoughts on “Beauty at Low Tide

  1. It looks like a nice walk, I can imagine the views from the platforms are good. I like the flowers on the paperbark tea tree, they remind me of bottle brushes πŸ™‚


    • We were pleasantly surprised by how quiet it was in this area, even though the homes were right across the road. It is a very peaceful residential area, completely different to the more well known Sunshine Coast beaches further north. We really enjoyed our stay and are looking forward to going back in September with friends.

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  2. My Aussie family seem to do a lot of Mangrove board walks nearer to Brisbane though, an interesting environment. I didn’t realise there were different types of mangroves.


    • There are large areas of mangrove right along this part of the Queensland coast, all the way to Brisbane and even around the airport. I’ve never been on a walk in Brisbane but I’m not surprised to learn there are plenty around. I didn’t know there were different types either – it was a great learning experience.


    • Golden Beach is a lovely part of the Sunshine Coast, Lorraine. It’s close enough to all the tourist areas but nice and quiet. There are some excellent cafes in the main street and also a really nice organic grocer.


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