Taking to the Road

Round Australia Road Trip #1

Welcome to the first instalment of the Round Australia Road Trip Journal.

A couple of weeks ago my husband, aka Mr ET, and our daughter set off on the first part of a great adventure. They travelled from Toowoomba to Roma, Longreach and Mount Isa, into the Northern Territory on the Barkly Highway, on to the Stuart Highway north to Mataranka, Katherine and Kakadu before arriving in Darwin. They covered 4046 kilometres in 11 days and saw many amazing sights along the way.

Two weeks later, I joined them in Darwin. I took the easy way, flying from Brisbane to Darwin! I travelled 2860 kilometres and the flight took four hours. I was lucky enough to have a window seat and this is what I saw on the way.

Our daughter left us in Darwin and now it’s just Mr ET and me, travelling back to Toowoomba, taking the long way round via Perth.

The journey so far…

21 thoughts on “Taking to the Road

  1. Oh cool, I LOVE a road trip. Not been to Darwin though I have a cousin living there, but I have been to Winton and Mount Isa on route to Alice Springs. I’d love to drive all around Australia. Maybe. One day. Meanwhile I will just pop into your back seat and tag along with you. šŸ˜€

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  2. She’s a big country, for sure. I loved Lark’s Quarry (near Winton). Imagine being able to see evidence of a dinosaur stampede! I look forward to the rest of your journey; I should say lo-o-o-ng journey.

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