Party Party Party!

Kevtoberfest #21

After months of planning and brewing by Kevin, his 60th birthday party finally arrived and in the spirit of Kevtoberfest the day had a distinctly German theme.

We made pretzels. Most pretzel bakers take years to perfect their skills, but after some meticulous research and a few hours’ practice, Kevin had mastered the techniques needed to produce these tasty treats. We rolled and shaped the dough in typical Bavarian style. Then our pretzels were boiled, sprinkled with salt and baked until the crusts were crisp and golden. They were delicious!

We ate German food. Kevin loves to cook and he created a feast: tender pork knuckles, bratwurst, green salad, potato salad and potato peanut puffs, followed by apple strudel for dessert. The birthday cake was a Black Forest gâteau, rich and sweet; dark chocolate sponge layers filled with whipped cream and cherries.

We drank German beer and cider. Kevin’s home brews included Kevtoberfest heavy and light, served on customised paddles made by his friend Frank. Traditional Bavarian Märzenbier, Paulaner Weißbier and European apple cider were also on tap.

We listened to German music. Frank brought his bespoke alpenhorn and treated us to a one of a kind performance.

Happy Birthday Kevin!

57 thoughts on “Party Party Party!

    • It was a great day. Kevin likes nothing more than cooking and brewing and then sharing it with everyone and his birthday was a wonderful reason to celebrate that. I’m pleased you’re enjoying this series, Pauline. There are a few more posts to come.

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  1. At last! I was beginning to think you’d invented the party as an excuse for a road trip! And celebrated in true Bavarian style too. I might have missed this, but is there a connection with Kev and Bavaria? Or simply the beer? Looking forward now to your route home again.

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  2. After all the careful research and planning, it looks like you had one heck of a good party. Maybe I’ll hire you for my 90th, is that a deal? it has to revolve around red wine, please.

    Happy Birthday, Kevin01 (not Kevin07).

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    • Kevin and Mary-Lou bought their outfits online. I got mine and Glen’s beer braces from the party shop at home and Glen used what he had. 🙂 I’m the only one with German ancestry. Kevin and Glen just like the beer! It was a fun weekend.


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