In The Clouds

During Becky’s April Bright Square photo challenge I opened the archives to December 2019 and January 2020. Now I’m sharing more of our pre-pandemic holiday in California and Nevada with stories that just couldn’t be squared!

Postcards from America

We knew there was a fabulous view out there – we just couldn’t see it.

At Hearst Castle, just 8 kilometres inland and 490 metres above sea level, we should have been able to see California’s central coast and the Pacific Ocean beyond. Not on this very foggy day – the view was hidden by thick cold cloud.

And while the mist may have obscured the view it enhanced the beautiful gardens surrounding the castle, giving them an ethereal feel.

The muted light of this overcast day accentuated the brilliant blue of the Neptune Pool and the swirling fog made the colonnades, winged figures and Roman temple seem almost mystical.

It was as if the sculpture by Charles Cassou depicting the birth of Venus was made for a day like this.

Inside, a second pool glowed even more than the Neptune Pool. Surrounded by spectacular mosaics, Murano glass tiles and gold leaf, the Roman Pool was also more lavish. The perfect reflections on the undisturbed water magnified its opulence.

The splendour of the pools was repeated in the gardens surrounding the house. Even in midwinter flowers bloomed in rich jewel colours.

We may have been denied the views from the top of the hill, but up close the scenery was spectacular.

28 thoughts on “In The Clouds

  1. We saw Hearst Castle in bright summer sunshine, such a contrast to this! But you are right, the foggy conditions do give the gardens, and especially the statues, an ethereal air. I think a place like this would look beautiful in all weathers πŸ™‚

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  2. Ah, we had the same problem, foggy and raining too! But we made the best of it. I think looking at your photos you must have done the same tour as us. Did you watch the film too? Pretty good I thought. We were a bit miffed to find the following day was nice and sunny!

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    • It might look that way in the photos but it was actually packed. It was the week in between Christmas and New Year so it was very busy everywhere. All the tours inside the house were sold out before we arrived and we were lucky to get one of the grounds. Mr ET is a master of taking photos with no people and cropping helps too. πŸ™‚


  3. Thanks for sharing your photos, Carol. It’s a very impressive place. We visited Hearst Castle when we were touring around California just before Christmas three years ago, but unfortunately the booking was full and we couldn’t actually get to see it up close.

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